Tuesday, 23 April 2013

four stories of noir

A few editing stories using one of my favourites, the iPhone app Noir which (and I quote the makers here):

'...lets you transform your photos with beautiful, dramatic lighting and instant results. Peel away the color to a cinematic black-and-white, apply a lovely tint, and then light up your subject. Touch and pinch the brightness Vignette and spin the Contrast and Exposure dials for white hot thrills and shadow.' The Noir Photo page on the app store is here

ventnor terrace (above)
"The gentle light beyond this gate, highlighting the well worn steps, stopped me in my tracks as I was strolling through Lincoln to The Usher Gallery. The original iPhone image I captured was pretty unremarkable, but using Noir I was able to make that light brighter and surround the gate in darkness, to give the image the air of mystery I was after. This contrast also really draws attention to the beautiful ironwork of the gate, and I love how the ivy shines out from the blackness. Plus everything looks cooler in black and white. Fact."

original image
into the dark
"In this one, I used the vignette to create a diagonal vignette, to change the natural side light into a more diagonal top light. I made the rest of the image as dark as possible whilst keeping the story that it was a tunnel of trees, with the light at the end of the tunnel also there on the original image."

Original image
into the light
"In this one, I set the vignette to be tall and slim, circling the child and the path behind her. I used the app to make what was inside the vignette slightly darker, whilst bleaching the rest of the image to the barest details."

Original Image
chocolate milkshake trance
"Here I started with the Camera + Clarity filter, then I used Noir -  all dials set to 100% so only the darkest features remain. I then ran the photo through Instagram, using Tilt Shift, to place only the eyes in focus and then the Instagram - Earlybird filter for the lovely soft sepia and curved frame. Is the edge of the girl's cheek there or is your mind filling in the space with what it expects to see?"

original image

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