Wednesday, 6 March 2013

getting in an iphoneography tangle

We're getting very addicted to the Tangled FX app. 

Turns your photo into something a bit magical, a bit weird, a bit abstract and a bit like a panel in a graphic novel you're now very keen to read. 

Here are some before and after Tangling iPhone pics from 
Louise @LondonBird and Angela @Anglo (Instagram @names)

original photo, Liverpool Street Station,
London, with a little time lapse
TangledFX - Webbed Thick. Spider Man woz 'ere? 

original photo of an eagle at a  Falconry display

cropped with TangledFX - Cartoon

cropped with TangledFX - B&W Etching

original photo, girl and gerbil

with TangledFX - Fibres Smooth

original pic, ex-racehorse at a rescue centre

sepia added with the Noir app
then TangledFX - The Dark Side

sepia added with the Noir app
then TangledFX - Fibres Smooth

TangledFX - B&W Etching

Hipstamatic of Kings Cross Station, London

with added TangledFX

B&W Hipstamatic of Kings Cross commuters, London

with TangledFX adding light outlines to the figures - Ready Brek anyone?

Polly the parrot

using the Colorsplash app to make the background mono, plus
TangledFX The Light Side effect for some very intense colours

same photo with only Tangled FX - The Dark Side added

original image of a very cute banded snail

with TangledFX - Webbed Thin

The Shard, London, original pic

with TangledFX - Smooth Fibres

with TangledFX - Swirls

All in all, awesome sauce 

Read more about the app here: TangledFX for iOS

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