Tuesday, 23 October 2012

london by iphone

An iPhone photo diary from @Anglo, who has just got back from a long weekend in 
London with her sister @LondonBird. The visit included an 'Instameet' on October 20th with the London Instagrammers, which was part scavenger hunt and part pub crawl. 
Click any image to enlarge. 

I love photos with splashes of red. With its buses,
phone boxes and post boxes, London is happy to indulge me. 

This was snapped outside The Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand. 

Cathedral meets ice cream cone, my first eye-pop moment at 
Kings Cross Station, where you catch a train for Hogwarts. 

Taken through a grotty train window, the
2012 Olympic Stadium and ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture.
Snapping the snappers at the Millennium Bridge,
which takes you from St Paul's Cathedral in the north, to the
southbank attractions of the Globe Theatre (where
@LondonBird works), the Bankside Gallery and Tate Modern.
This close, the handrail of the Millennium Bridge looks like
you could ride it in a hover car from the future.
The cast iron fish at the base of the lamp posts along the 
Embankment. They come alive at night, children.
Big wheel. Big Ben. Also, Big Rain, hence the
moody black and whites.
Westminster Bridge, where I forgive the rain
and thank it for the reflections. 

334 steps to the top of the tower, no lift. 
More fishes and a misty Big Ben. Bit of a Tower of Pisa
lean going on there, no doubt Boris is involved. 
Inside the huge Turbine Hall, at the Tate Modern. 
Was a power station, now an art gallery, 
the most visited modern art gallery in the world.
A dad was wheeling a buggy and excited toddler around 

very quickly. Now that's art. 

First Pub of the #igersOct20pubcrawl Instammeet,
and a self captioning image - I'll shut up...
Inside Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street.
The vaulted cellars are thought to belong to a 13th century 
Carmelite Monastery which once stood here. 
Dicken's was a regular, and the pub is alluded to in 
A Tale of Two Cities.
It's along way to... the first pub to sell Guinness outside Ireland. 
Renamed The Tipperary during WWI as the Irish 
soldiers flocked to the only Irish pub in London.
Outside The Cross Keys in Covent Garden. Bit minimalist
Inside the Cross Keys,
enjoy your pint alongside a copper diving helmet on a hook

and Victorian toilet on a shelf
Cross Keys stair well.  
Bar lights, Cross Keys.

Our Instameet was the same day as the No Cuts protest, 
good on ya ladies. Over 150,000 people took part. 
The No Cuts protesters, all smiles and hugs. Apart from That Guy. 
Ye Olde Cock Tavern on Fleet Street looks like 
it was poured in the gap afterwards. Former customers include
Samuel Pepys, Alfred Tennyson and Charles Dickens
A water fountain outside the Church of
St Dunstan-in-the-West.  Dated 1860, “The gift of Sir James
Duke Bart MP, ald[erman] of this ward." Yikes, Scoob. 
The London Instagrammers + Me (in hat) outside 
Strand's The Coal Hole. Shakespearean actor Edmund Keane 
started the Wolves' Club here for oppressed husbands 
forbidden to sing in the bath.

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See all the photos from the Instameet Pub Crawl 

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  1. Fantastic photographs! Living in Sussex now and not getting to London as often as I'd like. Your photos remind me of what I'm missing.

  2. Chris - thanks for the lovely comment. With my sister living in London I get free B&B but I still don't visit as often as I like. It really is a change of scene from rural Lincolnshire.



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