Monday, 23 July 2012

let's talk of graves

This gorgeous angel statue lives in the Canwick Road Cemetery in Lincoln, England. In this post @Anglo reveals the two apps she used to turn this from iPhone snapshot into moody Gothic image. 

"First editing app was Dynamic Light. With this I used the Orton filter to make the colours more vivid and the light and dark more polarised"

"I then switched to the Qbro app, where you have to crop to square before you can edit, so that came first. I was tempted by a lot of the filter's effects on the image, but ended up using the Qbro Blacker filter because it looked most dramatic and haunted. I have always loved the work of Simon Marsden, and often find myself trying to capture that infra-red feel. I wonder what she is supposed to be reading?" 

The cemetery was opened in 1856 and contains many angels and Victorian graves. You can see more photos from this session under the #AngloVanHelsing tag on Instagram. 

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