Monday, 27 February 2012

st swithin's and the multi storey

Original image taken on an iPhone 3GS by @Anglo

Editing Step by Step

"I noticed when I was taking the shot that the sky was very dramatic around the spire, so I used Camera+ to bring out as much detail as possible. Firstly I used the Clarity setting sharpen all the details, then I used the HDR FX effect to expose each area of the image. Not as good as true HDR, which @Ashog does a lot, but it always suprises me what the iPhone lens has captured which you cannot see on the unedited shot. Finally I used the black vignette in Camera+ to really throw your attention on the church"

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  1. There's that talented red coat again! Amazing edit. I never think to use borders. But your photo shows the subtle and lovely difference a border makes.

  2. Lorraine, it's all down to the red coat, I just stand there and click!

    I have the reverse situation to yours in that I am tempted to put a vignette on every shot, and need to learn restraint.

    Thanks for the share on Twitter of this post.



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