Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Here are a few photographs (along with the unedited originals) from @Anglo's #rubyredcoat series, named after her daughter's coat, which rescues many a shot taken on a dull Lincolnshire day. 

View them all at #rubyredcoat.

Original Image

"This was edited with Camera+ using the Darken filter, the Lomographic effect and a vignette."

Original image

"Again in Camera+ I used the Darken filter, but this time finished with the So Emo effect. I love that the coat looks quite silky in the final edit." 

original image

"For this shot I used the Camera+ Fashion effect, which washes things out a little. I finished with Instagram's Earlybird filter, which washes things out again (yet it can't touch the titular red coat). Earlybird also adds the lovely curved edges. As for the expression, I think she had just turned round to tell me off for dawdling." 

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  1. Thanks for fillings us in on the details of your photographic magic. I'm learning so much...

  2. You're welcome Lorraine. Get your boxer a red coat!

  3. Now that's an idea. But somehow I don' think he'd look as enchanting as your daughter...


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