Thursday, 12 January 2012

the climbing tree

In a break with tradition we're going to start with this raw image taken by @Anglo of what she calls  The Climbing Tree. Then we'll look at how the image can change dramatically with three different iPhone apps. 

The unedited image, taken with @Anglo's iPhone 3GS

Using the Dynamic Light Orton filter (set at 50%) the image
 is instantly richer and softer. Anglo used this enhanced image
as the base for all the following edits

The Contessa filter in Camera+. Now the tree is a dark,
brooding menace. A tree once used as a gallows?

Using the Burnt filer in Qbro, the tree takes on a somewhat
illustrated feel, an enchanted tree from a book of fairy tales

Using Qbro's 914Chrome filter the tree becomes the most
mythical, something you'd expect to see in The Shire

The question is - of course - which do you prefer?

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  1. Great tree i really like the second effect it looks really moody and insparational

  2. Thanks Ian, I think the tree is just perfect for a tree house, I am sure you could make it too!

  3. The Contessa version for me. I love the tones and also it highlights the criss-cross shadows on the floor.


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