Monday, 5 September 2011

barn owl meets iphone

Barn Owl 'Willow' photographed at a falconry display

Original image

Here's how I edited this iPhone photograph

Camera +
Get rid of those bloody tourists with a close, square crop to just the owl and the tree
Add Scenes > Auto to lighten it just a little
Use FX Effects > Vibrant to make the red berries stand out in the tree
Use Borders > Simple >Vignette to make the tree more of a circle pattern behind the owl, a little evocative of the moon, this bird's usual companion.

Tilf Shift (circle) round the owl so it really stands out from the background

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  1. Wow. Love reading the behind-the-scenes editing--and transformation--of this photo.

  2. Lorraine, glad you liked this. I was really pleased to salvage such a interesting shot from what was a boring snap of an owl taken from too far away! Thanks.



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