Wednesday, 14 September 2011

conkers and dappled shade

Sometimes you don't need a filter, just some dappled shade

Here's how I took this iPhone photograph

Obviously, I held the conker about 5 inches from the iPhone, about as close it can focus without a special macro lens. 

Cunningly, I placed my hand in a natural spot of light coming through the horse-chestnut canopy, so that the hand and conker looked spotlit against the darker background. I was careful to get some light visible through the spikes to make them extra spiky. I also waited so my daughter was in the right place in the background, collecting more conkers for a bit of story telling.

I tapped the phone screen on the image of the conker (not easy as you're holding and tapping with one hand) This told the iphone where to focus and what light to expose for (I think this is only possible with later iPhones, sorry!)

Snap. No filters. No Apps. 

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