Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Mega Snow!

We've had  some EXTREME weather here in Lincolnshire (England) with temperatures  at -16 and 18 inches of snow.

The old folks are saying  it has not been this bad since the legendary winter of 1947, so I am  expecting to talk about this winter well into my dotage.

For us this is a time of rare beauty; we even caught some diamond dust clouds last night! It's also a time of growing inconvenience as side  roads and pavements are covered in thick ice, schools are closed for  days at a time, and the Lincoln Christmas Market is cancelled for the first  time in 28 years; a major event that should have brought 150,000 people (and their purses) into the city.

But let's go back to the beauty.  Here are some photographs taken this weekend:

OK, they cheated and knelt down... but still

This is what 18 inches looks like!

Nice day for a picnic

Deep and Crisp  and Even, don't you think?

The best igloo in the World - EVA!

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