Monday, 22 November 2010

Twitter's Favourite Christmas Films

So I asked the good people of Twitter to help me compile a list of Favourite Christmas Films for my film club, so we could pick one for the Christmas get together. 

Here's the response (in order of appearance). And do please Follow these lovely people if their Tweets take your fancy:

Bryony Taylor
Has to be Home Alone for me! 

A recent one that might appeal: The Holiday > romantic comedy set over x-mas, half in UK, half in LA... ;) 

Hannah Ferguson
Home Alone! Or if you fancy more of a romcom I love While You Were Sleeping. Not overtly Christmassy, but takes place over Xmas+NY. 

Beth Pinkerton
I love The Holiday too. Perfect rom-com for Christmas. Also adore Serendipity, which starts with Christmas shopping scene 

Bryony Taylor
another favourite is The Snowman as well. Bad Santa is hilarious but better watched outside the xmas season as it's so cynical! 

Not exactly the target demo, but...Gremlins would be my pick. I never liked "It's a Wonderful Life" or "A Christmas Story". 

Karen Brand
Muppets Christmas Carol?

Jackie D
Home Alone 1 and 2

Christmas Carol, the new one with Jim Carrey (saw it in LA, it's pretty intense!) 

Hannah Ferguson
Also, have you seen Raymond Briggs' The Bear. It's beautiful...and Christmassy. 

It's a Wonderful Life...x-mas classic... ;)  

Bryony Taylor 
My fave Christmas film is Richard Curtis' 'Bernard and the Genie' but it's v hard to get hold of:  

Shane Auckland
I second your mum's idea, Die Hard is the best Christmas film ever! 

Bryony Taylor
oh, and Nativity! with @ and Martin Freeman which came out on dvd today is hilarious:  

Also, The Nightmare Before Christmas; such a great film. 

Serena FitzGerald
White Christmasx

if you can help it, avoid 'Ghosts of Girlfriends Past' by a very wide margin, it's massive plopsies. 

More unconventional, Die Hard-esque picks: The Ref, Batman Returns, Lethal Weapon, Rambo: First Blood, MST3K has two Xmas films. 

I really want to say The Ice Storm, as well- one of my absolute favorite films...but it's set @ Thanksgiving. Close enough, I say! 

Oliver Kealey
Die Hard is a Christmas classic! 

Liz Roebuck
hope I'm not too late to chip in with wonderful life? Pure jimmy Stewart magic which never fails to induce a lump in throat! 

not really christmassy, just uplifting. Nightmare Before Christmas and Scrooged are the two best...and Muppets of course 

Elf is brilliant, for all ages.

have you seen Amelie (most people have so that's probably a silly question)

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