Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Glastonbury 2010 by @Dwese

All photos and captions by my sister Louise, a diary post to follow soon...

Click on a photograph to see a larger version. Let her know if you enjoyed them with a comment on here, or through Twitter, she's @dwese

The field for The Other Stage

To give you some idea of the SIZE of Glastonbury

Gateway to the Stone Circle

The Greenpeace Field had excellent stuff for kids: pirate ship, skate ramp, climbing wall.

The Hula Hoop Tent - you worked that out, didn't you?

Fantastic costumes, and very brave in the heat

I like big butts...

Arcadia (you could not get near this a night)

Oh dear. The rubbish was phenomenal and all picked up by hand and sorted into cans/bottles/paper by the amazing army of 1500 litter pickers

 Pet Shop Boys finale, my favourite set, my era really!

Gormley's "Field" Glasto style

I know this is supposed to be portrait, but I liked it better this way!

Kids look so cute in their ear protectors

The essential crowd / stage shot

West (or East?) Dance Tent. Amazing lights, music... everything!

Rave Henge - the cubes changed with the music different colours

Don't go out tonight, 'cos it's bound to change your life

Enjoying a peach schnapps at sunset

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