Monday, 15 March 2010

On Adding Google Analytics to a Blogger Blog

I have recently discovered how to add Google Analytics to a Blogger blog.

After one month of scrutinising how many visitors I get, where they come from, who sent them, what they typed into Google and how long they spent, I have become the Uber Geek.

It’s pretty easy to do, although does involved that four letter word CODE.

Interesting statistics so far  (I know that sounds like an oxymoron)

One Tweet about my ‘Is this St Catherine’s Chantry?’ blog created a spike of 84 visitors. Only one of these left a comment. That’s a lot of lurkers. On average those people spent five minutes on that particular blog, which means THEY READ THE WHOLE DAMN THING. This makes me extremely happy.

I have readers from 21 countries. Bonjour. Willkommen. Aloha.

Most of my vistors arrive via Twitter. Blogger, Stumbleupon and my commercial copywriting pages at Push Creativity.

However, I’m also getting a lot of visitors via other people’s blogs, so a big thank you to The Life and Times of a Househusband, Mrs Trefusis Takes a Taxi, Woman at Work and The Middenshire Chronicles – busy blogs that have kindly signposted their readers to Incense and Peppermints.

People have also reached my blog through Google searches, with the most weird search being ‘sleep sixy afgan girl’.  Did they mean sexy Afghan girl? Who knows. They only stayed with me for 2 seconds anyway. Good riddance.

So how did I do it? I followed the instructions here at eblog templates. And yes it's all free, so go on, release your inner nerd.

Finally, please share this blog using the handy Share widget below, and make my Google Analytics dance…


  1. Oh no you have shared the secret, now we will all be analyzing instead of tweeting. Damn I retweeted it as well, that makes me almost as blameworthy. Oh the insanity.

  2. I prefer to live in blissful ignorance of the realities of blog traffic. In addition to the obsessive analyzing Analytics would surely trigger, I enjoy living in my dreamworld where everyone who stops by my blog reads, browses, and returns. With friends. And no one gets there via nasty search terms. Ah, unenlightenment.

    Thanks for mentioning my blog - delighted to know it sends readers to yours.

  3. Yeah, you only see me when I come to comment since I read it through the rss feed. I <3 google analytics, though. It makes me keep blogging even when I'm sure no one's reading... cuz they are.

    FIVE MINUTES? I never get average time spent that long. Well done. :-)

  4. But how many of your visitors are like me and actually read your blog through Google Reader and rarely visit the actual site itself? I've only come here to day to leave this comment - so it'll look like I've hardly visitied and then left a comment - when in reality I've read the whol blog on my reader before visiting! -Keep up the blogging tho -its really very good!

  5. Thank you all for reading and commenting.

    Jamie, I really am planning that Powerpoint presentation on Christmas day. Pie charts then Christmas Pudding.

    Debra, my hits are much higher than my expectations so at the moment I am picking knowledge over ignorance, but I know where you're coming from.

    Babe and Gavlp, thanks for commenting and letting me know you’re watching in some kind of internet bird-hide so I don’t know you’re there. You have thrown a spanner in the works. I could have legions of readers that analytics does not know about. Bah. I therefore command you to time your reading of my blog ‘undercover’ and then leave my blog open for that same time so I get a true reading :)

  6. I'm always astonished by how many people are referred to my blog from other blogs. But I get very few comments which drives me NUTS! I'm always wondering what I'm doing wrong and everyone else is doing right?


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